Sunday, September 21, 2008

July, August, September - All At Once

It's been a long three months. Busy hasn't been the word for it. I'm a CERT volunteer with the LA Fire Department, and have been doing mad CERT things. As part of that, I got my Technician Class Ham Radio license. I'm KI6RIO. You can contact me... just as soon as I get a radio. (I can hear someone ask why get a license if I don't have a radio. Because I can use someone else's radio in an emergency.) I also headed off to Denver in August, choosing to drive rather than fly.

I've been getting a lot of fan mail! Lots of people asking for various things. I have a partner now, who does the research thing. You can send font finding queries to research(at)fontage(dot)com. (Yeah, spam fighting is a nuisance!) A lot of queries have to to with sports or movie fonts. One thing we've found is that the font is often based on an existing font, but the graphic department has tweaked it to make it custom. If we know the base font, we can pass that on, but any tweaks to match the original will need to be done by you or your favorite graphic artist. Stuff should be coming in soon. Really.

DTC font foundry issued some great fonts, then went out of business. According to sources online (nice ambiguous phrase, isnt' it?), DTC licensed fonts from URW, so I've been looking for URW equivalents. Thanks to Gene, I have one. DTC's Frugal Sans is equivalent to Frutiger 45 Light.

Jim Pearson of Sterling Court Publishing has a website, with his entire collection of fonts. After you check out his page at Fontage, check out his site. Drop on by and say Lin from Fontage sent you.

There's a new category at Fontage (are we surprised?) called Metaphysical Fonts. It includes astrological symbols, theban, heiroglyphs, moon phases, other fun fonts of like nature. If you find a font elsewhere on this site that you think belongs in Metaphysical Fonts, drop me a line.

While hunting for more metaphysical fonts, I found a wonderful yet silly font by Su Lucas called Wash.

FONTAGE HAS A GAME! Totally silly, yet addictive. No, my playing the games was not why Fontage wasn't updated for almost three months. Honest!

A selection of
grunge fonts

Aftermath BRK
Aftermath BRK sample
Black Shirt Slime Trail
Black Shirt Slime Trail sample
Blood Feast
Blood Feast sample
Blood of Dracula
Blood of Dracula sample
Bootleg sample
Creature sample
Frankendork sample
Frankendork Hollow
Frankendork Hollow sample
Frankendork Tall
Frankendork Tall sample
Horror Hotel
Horror Hotel sample
Jahreskreis sample
Waking The Witch
Waking The Witch sample
Whiffy sample
Witchcraft Normal
Witchcraft sample

A selection of
metaphysical fonts

101 Book of Shadows
101 Book of Shadows sample
Agathodaimon sample
AstroGadget sample
AstroGanza sample
AstroScript sample
PR Astrological
PR Astrological sample
SL Zodiac Icons
SL Zodiac Icons sample
Theban sample
Widget sample
Widget Outline
Widget Outline sample
Zodiac98 sample

Some additional fonts
by Peter Rempel

PR Uncials
PR Uncials sample
PR Uncial Alternate Caps
PR Uncial Alt Caps sample
PR Uncial AltExpanded Caps
PR Uncial Alt Expanded Caps sample
PR Celtic Narrow
PR Celtic Narrow sample

Some additional fonts
by Rotodesign

Zombie sample
Damaged Goods
Damaged Goods sample
Papercut sample
Motrhead Grotesk
Motrhead sample
Salaryman sample
Jinky sample

Some additional fonts
by Su Lucas

SL Wash
SL Wash sample
SL Mythologial Sillouettes
SL Mythologial symbols sample