Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gaming fonts; African fonts

In the course of hunting up fonts for last month's D&D extraveganza (or the Fontage approximation), I found Cumberland Fontworks. They've got some cool fonts for gaming.

And in the course of meandering around the web, I found a company that specializes in Maps of Africa. They've got some cool Afrika style fonts.

That, the day job, and a nasty case of bronchitis, pretty much took up April.

Sparks Free
Sparks sample
Thunder Thighs
Thunder Thighs sample
Thunder Thighs
Thunder Thighs sample
Spacedock Stencil
Spacedock Stencil sample
Futurex Apocalypse
Futurex Apocalypse sample
Temphis Runes
Temphis Runes sample
Wolves And Ravens
Wolves And Ravens sample
Punkinhead sample
Archipelago sample
mexlar sample
Afrika T Ndlovu
Afrika T Ndlovu sample
Afrika RockArt
N Cberg2
Afrika RockArt  sample
Afrika Images
F Mbizo
Afrika Images sample
Afrika T
Afrika T Ubuntu sample
Afrika Children
A Rural
Afrika Children sample
Afrika Wildlife B
Mammals 2
Afrika Wildlife sample
Afrika Gold
A Patterns
Afrika Gold A Patterns sample
Afrika Images
G Sangoma
Afrika Images G Sangoma sample
Afrika Rock Art
K Bkloof3
Afrika Rock Art sample
Wildlife Birds
Afrika Wildlife Birds sample
Afrika T
Afrika T iQqwara sample

Ramona and copyright

With certain fonts with a dubious copyright history, I'm stuck between not showing people a font they know, or saying "Nyah, nyah, this is the font but you can't have it." I've chosen to display the fonts, in hopes that one day I'd find a match.

Well, thanks to Jonathan, one font now has a commercially available equivalent. The font Ramona is listed as copyright SoftKey and WSI, who have been shown to be blatant font pirates. The equivalent is Bristol Adornado from MyFonts.

Again, thanks, Jonathan.