Friday, February 22, 2008

Ironic kerning!

From the blog of Ironic Sans comes:


Must read!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Valentine's Day and I give you Pirates!

Last month, I did over 200 new fonts, 400 images, associated zip files, and generally went overboard. This month, not only am I late, I only did 29 new fonts, most of them pirate fonts. Unfortunately for me, and for Fontage, I have a business, and clients. I was fighting with Joomla! Now Joomla! is a really cool content management system, but it was written by geeks, for geeks, and apparently the help files can only be understood by geeks. After spending almost five days trying to get Joomla 1.5 working, because "We don't support 1.0 any more, so you should upgrade," I went back to 1.0 for the simple reason it actually installed.

So Fontage is a bit thin this month. Pirates, and some odds and ends including several fonts by Anthem Type. Scriptorium has a cool collection of piraty fonts in their Colonial collection. They've got a lot of great stuff. Some day, I may be able to afford to buy the real font, instead of having just the demo version.

Odds And EndsAir Millhouse Outline
Air Millhouse Outline sample
Drew Carey Show
Drew Carey Show sample
President sample
Sepultura sample
Sepultura sample
Anthem TypeDecade
Decade sample
Lunch sample
Nicotine sample
Silver Sideshow
Silver Sideshow sample
Sepultura sample
PIRATES!Alleghieri Demo
Alleghieri sample
ArmadaPirata sample
Arrr Matey
Arrr Matey sample
Blackwoodcastle sample
Blackwoodcastle Shadow
Blackwoodcastle Shadow sample
Booter sample
Callimundial sample
Clerica sample
Freebooter sample
Freebooter Script
Freebooter Script sample
Freebooter Shadow
Freebooter Shadow sample
Malagua Demo
Malagua sample
Pieces Of Eight
Pieces Of Eight sample
Pirates Blackbeard
Pirates Blackbeard sample
Pirates Bonney
Pirates Bonney sample
Pirates Drake
Pirates Drake sample
Pirates Stoertebecker
Pirates Stoertebecker sample
Rosemary Roman
Rosemary Roman sample
Satanas Humanum
Satanas Humanum sample
Treasuremap Deadhand
Treasuremap sample
Windlass sample