Thursday, March 20, 2008

What you find when you're not really looking

Looking for something totally not font related, I find this gem of a font from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They couldn't find a font to do what they wanted, so some font geek in the MN DNR built one.

And something that will definitely prove useful, a font of Euro symbols. Just Euro symbols, in quite a few different font designs, for all those old fonts built before Euros.

And a couple of very short dingbat fonts. Just for fun.

DNR Recreation Symbols
Recreation Symbols sample
Ubiqita Europa
Ubiqita Europa sample
Simple Melody
Simple Melody sample
Floorplans Demo
Floorplans sample

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Request for fonts

I've had some requests for fonts that I'd like to pass on to you.I find what I find, so if you know of some others, let me know. I try adding fonts you can actually download, whether free/share/purchaseware. Including Garrison Kayo, used for Bruce Almighty, which started life as Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

Requests include:
New York Yankees
New York Mets
Font used by White Lion, which is a great font!
Buffalo Bills: I've got a font that looks similar, but the numbers don't match the jersey numbers.

Any suggestions would be welcome

I've got the "match the stupid looking word" thing to verify you're real. Forgive me, but it keeps me from getting viagra spam thru the blogger email.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A few more fonts for St. Patricks' Day; And a few from Chank Diesel

It's easier to add fonts using Blogger, so I am. The pages that were missing from last week should now be online. A few extras for St. Patrick's Day, and adding more Chank Diesel fonts. Don't get used to it. The clients that throw money at me come first. Website Design end Blatant Plug

Fonts from
Chank Diesel

Chrylser Electric sample
Flubber sample
Flutterby sample
Kegger Collegiate
Kegger Collegiate sample
Schwinger sample
Schwing Shift
Schwing Shift sample
Fonts for
St. Patrick's Day
Corbei Uncials
Corbei Uncials sample
Kelt Caps Freehand
Kelt Caps Freehand sample
KR Belated St Pat
KR Belated St Pat sample
KR St Pat Dings
KR St Pat Dings sample
Leprechaun Hats
Leprechaun Hats sample
Oncial sample
Stonecross sample

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More famous fonts; new category - music

I've added some more Famous fonts, since I've gotten more email in the past few weeks I've had famous fonts on Fontage than I have in the past few years. Don't argue with success.

I've also added a new category, Music fonts. These are fonts with instruments, music notes or symbols, and stuff relating to music in general. There are several music fonts by Manfred Klein. I knew his fonts were available all over the net, but until just recently, didn't know what the terms of distribution were. They are now listed with the fonts, and on his foundry page.

There are also a few odds and ends just to round things out.

Chlod sample
Gizmo sample
Gizmo Shadow
Gizmo sample
Tubular Hollow
Tubular Hollow sample
Araknoid sample
The Craft
The Craft sample
Dumbledor 1
Dumbledor 1 sample
Dumbledor 1 3D
Dumbledor 1 3D sample
Dumbledor 1 Cut Down
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Cut Up
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Italic
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Outline
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Shadow
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Thin
Dumbledor 1  sample
Dumbledor 1 Wide
Dumbledor 1  sample
I think Graham Meade missed Dumbledor 1 Upside Down
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto sample
Monster Magnet
Monster Magnet sample
Pacman sample
Pit Fighter
Pit Fighter sample
Playstation sample
Reservoir Dog
Reservoir Dog sample
SuperMarioWorld sample
StarCraft sample
Turok sample
Whitesnake sample
Weekly World News
Weekly World News sample
X-Box sample
Alpha Music Man
Alpha Music Man sample
Amadeus sample
CC Yuletide Log
CC Yuletide Log sample
DJ Supreme
DJ Supreme sample
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come sample
KRMusic Class
KRMusic Class sample
Musicals sample
Music Elements
Music Elements sample
Musicians sample
Musicians One
Musicians One sample
Musicians Two
Musicians Two sample
Music Instruments
Music Instruments sample
Superstar DJ
Superstar DJ sample
Symphony in ABC
Symphony in ABC sample